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Puppy Naming Voter Form

Our precious puppies from the R litter need names, and we need your help. Choose your favorite name for the puppy pictured and cast your votes for just $1 each. December 1st at 6pm is the closing date. We will tally the votes and announce which names were selected for each puppy. If there is a name you absolutely love for that pup, make a donation of $1,500 or more, and that name will automatically be assigned to that puppy.

As part of our membership to the ADI Breeding Cooperative, the remainder of the puppies will continue their training at other service or guide dog organizations throughout the United States and Canada.

Each Vote is $1
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Puppy #1

Male: I am the biggest of all my litter mates. I am very gentle however I don't let my litter mates push me around. I like my comfort zone and would rather have them try things first then I will join them. The world is a big place so I think I'll just take my time to explore it.

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Puppy #2

Female: I am very gentle and not pushy like my brothers and sister.  I love to explore the out doors but I stay close to my human. I am learning to wait for my food but every now and again I just have to jump, my legs just spring into action and up I go. My Human always smiles when this happens however I still a pup.

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Puppy #3

Female: I love my humans and want to close to them but my favorite time is when they hold me.  It may take me a minute or so to process new and different objects then I have not problem investigating them. The world has a lot to offer and I want to learn all about it.

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Puppy #4

Male: I like to keep an eye things and what is happening around, I have heard my humans call me the monitor, I guess that is because I don't have name yet. I don't like when my litter mates fight so I usually break up their arguments.  My humans tell me I snore a lot too.

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Puppy #5

Male: I am easy going and take things as they come. I love new things and learn fast, but my favorite thing to do is climb! I look forward to all that I get to do and see.

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