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Puppy Naming Vote Complete

Our precious puppies from the S litter have their new names!
The winning names are displayed in bold below.

Puppy #1

Female: I am the smallest of all my brothers and sisters.  My collar color is red. Being the smallest I have learned to stand up for myself and not be pushed around.  I have been given the nickname of Peanut.  If you want my name to stay Peanut please vote and let them know.

Name Votes
Peanut 68
Sprout 7
Sandy 5
Sunny 22

Puppy #2

Female: Hello, I am known as Yellow girl.  I love to sleep on my human's lap or just be close.  I would rather wait my turn than push my way to the front. Although when I have an opinion I will tell you let you know.  Here are my name choices. I would like to called something other than Yellow girl.

Name Votes
Sapphire 25
Summer 35
Smudge 7
Sunny 22

Puppy #3

Female: I am Purple girl.  I am quiet and want to take things in before I engage. I am self aware, however I stay to myself and don't share my opinions like my sister Yellow.

Name Votes
Star 23
Spring 2
Shasta 25
Sunny 22

Puppy #4

Male:  I am Brown. I am the second biggest, I have opinions and tell everyone what I think.  I am interested in my surroundings, but I keep track of my human.  I love being close to humans and being petted.

Name Votes
Scout 23
Simba 40
Sailor 21
Sunny 22

Puppy #5

Male:  I am the biggest of all my litter mates.  I have heard my humans refer to me as a gentle giant. I am confident, and do not have to constantly voice my opinion, so I get a long with all the dogs.  I like to be on my stool or high places. That is why I was the first learn the stairs.

Name Votes
Saturn 22
Spruce 14
Skip 14
Sunny 22