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Puppy Naming Vote Complete

Our precious puppies from the T litter have their new names!
The winning names are displayed in bold below.

Puppy #1

I love to get attention and affection from my human. Snuggling and looking my them in the eyes is the best, they look back with such love it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Exploring new things is a lot of fun and oh so exciting.

Name Votes
Tulip 110
Teva 16
Tungsten 111

Puppy #2

My humans tell me I am so sweet and I melt their hearts when I look them in eyes. When I get pet I hold real still so they won't stop. I get along with my sisters but I won't hesitate to stand up for myself. I want to look at new environments and take it in before I go forward.

Name Votes
Timber 13
Thyme 10
Tansy 15

Puppy #3

I am the quiet type that likse to observe things first. When it comes to new things I would prefer the humans or my siblings go first just in case... I love to learn and have that interaction with my human but my mostest favorite thing is sleep in their laps.

Name Votes
Trudy 1
Topaz 12
Taylor 15