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How you can help us with GoodSearch & GoodShop

GoodSearch provides us a small donation for every search you make through their service, and for every purchase you make through GoodShop. It is important to be sure you have picked us as your charity when using their service. The links in the box to the right will automatically pick us as your charity, but if you find yourself on their service and see a different charity, or no charity at all, be sure to specify our charity before making your purchase or doing your search.

GoodSearch with no charity specified
GoodSearch with no charity Specified. Click on "Choose your cause"

and enter "Joys of Living Assistance Dogs" to specify us as your charity.
Click the link and enter Joys of Living Assistance Dogs

Make the most of this service

  • When you install and use our GoodSearch toolbar, every search and every purchase you make through it will bring a donation to us.

  • If you have a website, add a badge or search box for us to your site. To learn more about this option, Click Here. Just be SURE to specify us as your charity if we are not already selected when you generate the code for your badge.

  • Share our GoodSearch affiliation through your social media. Click Here for more information. Just be SURE to specify us as your charity if we are not already selected before specifying the socail media you want to share through.

  • Finally, Click Here to explore additional options for using GoodSearch/GoodShop to help us.