JLAD was awarded volunteer of the year from Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute for our puppy raising program.  Joy and Ky Wiese were so surprised and honored to be nominated, voted for, and chosen by Eastern Oregon Correctional Facility staff as the Outstanding Volunteers of the Year. Our program manager, Captain Frazier, shared heartwarming words about the impact our prison puppy program on the institution. One thing that was extra special to hear was that in his 20 years of work with EOCI, he has never seen a program that has had a greater impact on the prison population in such a short period of time. This partnership has been of incredible benefit to our program and we are so grateful to have this program with Oregon DOC. The impact the men have had on our organization, dogs in training, recipients, staff, and volunteers has been incredible, and for that we thank every person that has made this program not only possible, but so successful. Thank you to EOCI for allowing us to bring our program in and for giving us such a high, cherished honor.

We would also like to congratulate Captain Frazier on 20 years of service to ODOC, and for winning manager of the year for his dedication to building both our program and the outside work crew. And a congratulations to Mrs. Jeri Taylor for her retirement as EOCI's superintendent and 36 years of service for ODOC. Thank you to both for providing all of the support and expertise to establish the program. We look forward to many more years of this program.